Themed collections of user generated content chosen by news publishers for viewing on and off Snapchat are the teen social network’s next great hope for relevance. Today Snap launches Curated Our Stories with the help of 20 partners like CNN, Cosmopolitan, Lad Bible, and NowThis. Instead of sifting through and selecting submissions to Our Story all by itself around events, holidays, and fads, these publishers can create slideshows of Snaps about whatever they want. They’ll both be featured in Snapchat Discover that sees 75 million Our Stories viewers per month, but also on the publishers’ own properties thanks to Snap’s recently-launched embeds.

To entice partners, Snap has built in monetization from day one, splitting revenue with publishers from ads run in the Our Stories they curate. Snap’s head of Stories everywhere Rahul Chopra tells me that in exchange for its cut, Snap provides a content management system that publishers can use to search through submitted Snaps using a variety of filters like keywords in captions and locations. All Curated Our Stories will be moderated by Snap to ensure that publishers aren’t choosing anything objectionable to show.

This is the start of Snapchat crowdsourcing not only content but curation to dig out the best citizen journalism, comedy, and beauty shot on its app and turn it into easily consumable compendiums. Given that Snapchat lost three million users last quarter, it could use the help keeping viewers coming back. But like most everything it launches, if Curated Our Stories blows up, you can bet Facebook and Instagram will turn on their copying machines.

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The full list of publisher partners is:

  • Brut

  • CNN

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Daily Mail

  • Daquan

  • Dodo

  • Harper’s Bazaar

  • iHeart

  • The Infatuation

  • Jukin

  • Lad Bible

  • Love Stories TV

  • Mic

  • NBC News

  • NBC Sports

  • NBC, Today Show

  • New York Post

  • NowThis

  • Overtime

  • Refinery 29

  • Telemundo

  • The Tab

  • Viacom

  • Wave.TV

  • Whalar


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